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Distance Learning Program: In addition to the Campus Learning Program outlined above, Sun Valley Charter School will offer a Distance Learning Program ("DLP") to allow students to take courses at home consistent with all independent study laws, rules and guidelines. The Distance Learning Program will be a year-round program. It is anticipated that many students in the Distance Learning Program will graduate in less than four years. DLP students will be enrolled at Sun Valley Charter School, and will be expected to meet or exceed the academic standards established for the Campus Learning Program. It is anticipated that some students will learn best in a home environment, under the tutelage of a parent or guardian. In those cases when a parent or guardian opts to teach their child(ren) at home, the School will provide them with all the course materials, including curriculum outlines, lesson plans, remote access to electronic resources, and monitoring and testing services. Mid-term and final examinations will be administered on campus. Community service opportunities will be available to DLP students, but internships will not. For those DLP students who are college bound, the required lab classes may be taken at the School.

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