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Item 8d



Minutes for the Special Meeting

of the Board of Directors of

Sun Valley Charter School

(A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation)


Wednesday, February 20, 2002

7 PM

Attendance: Colleen Burman, Doris Engberg, Meg McElroy, Dave Sossaman, Kurt Torsak.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. Following the pledge of allegiance, members of the public were given an opportunity to address the board on any subject within its jurisdiction, but not appearing on the agenda in accordance with the Brown Act, section 54954.3. No members of the public addressed the board.

Item 3a. Discussion And Possible Action On Approval Of The Minutes From February 7, 2002.

Discussion: None

Motion: To approve minutes from Feb. 7, 2002.

Moved by: Sossaman Seconded by: Torsak Carried: 5-0

Ayes: Burman, Engberg, McElroy, Sossaman, Torsak Noes: ---

Item 4a. Special Presentation of U.S. and CA State Flags

This was rescheduled for next meeting due to the damage to the certificates during shipping.

Item 5. Board Reports - None

Staff Reports - Executive Director David Tarr

a. Enrollment Applications Three signed applications have been received.

b. Fictitious Business Name Approval has been granted to start using Sun Valley Charter High School as our official name.

c. Promotional Materials Brochures have been prepared which will be distributed around town. Bumper stickers and iron on transfers are in development. Information packets with applications will be sent to all 8th graders using the mailing list provided by the RUSD. A half-page ad will be placed in the Ramona Sentinel as soon as funds are available.

d. CANEC Conference Cheaper accommodations have been located, but there has not been any reply to requests for funding from the San Diego Business Roundtable for Education.

e. Town Meetings There will be a public information session on March 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Scout Hut.

Item 6a. Discussion And Possible Action On A Resolution Adopting The Administrative Code Outline.

Discussion: David Tarr prepared an outline of the administrative code as discussed at our last meeting. He explained that this system would simplify the organization of our policies and procedures by making them logically numbered, easy to locate, and all in one place. The Board will have to amend the code to accommodate existing policies. Additional categories can be added in the future, if necessary.

Motion: To approve Resolution 013-02 adopting the administrative code outline.

          Moved by: Burman Seconded by: Sossaman Carried: 5-0

Ayes: Burman, Engberg, McElroy, Sossaman, Torsak Noes: ---


Item 7a. Discussion And Possible Action On A Resolution Agreeing To Provide The Ramona Unified School District Board Of Trustees With Assurances Related To Charter Petition Amendments.

Discussion: A signed resolution of some kind needs to be sent to the state to acquire funding, but as of now, the RUSD resolution still has conditional language. Julie Ashby, the RUSD attorney, thought the wording could be changed to satisfy our concerns without taking it to the RUSD Board. In the event that we must have Board action, which will not be happen until its March meeting, Lisa Corr, the SVCS attorney, recommends that we approve our resolution as a stand-alone resolution without mention of the RUSD resolution, so that we may move forward immediately. This should spur the RUSD Board into action.

Motion: To approve Resolution 014-02 agreeing to provide the Ramona Unified School District Board of Trustees with assurances related to charter petition amendments.

Moved by: Sossaman Seconded by: Engberg Carried: 5-0

Ayes: Burman, Engberg, McElroy, Sossaman, Torsak Noes: ---

Item 7b. Discussion And Possible Action On A Resolution Approving A Lease Agreement With Day Company For Lease Of Space At 800 Main Street, Ramona.

Discussion: Day Company has not yet acquired the necessary permits to start construction and cannot guarantee a September 1 completion. It is necessary to search for alternative space. David Tarr and David Sossaman have looked at space on Maple St. in Ramona and costs associate with this space were presented. Other properties have been investigated and they are in touch with a number of realtors to help in the search. Time is pressing in this matter and David Tarr assured the Board that this matter is of utmost priority. The audience had a few suggestions and David Tarr will follow up. It was decided to bring this item back to the next meeting.

Item 8a. Discussion and Possible Action On A Resolution Adopting A Salary Schedule, Bonus Schedule, Performance Incentives, and Benefits For Teachers At Sun Valley Charter School.

Discussion: David Tarr developed a salary schedule that takes into account our budget, salaries and benefits of neighboring districts, the desirability of working at a charter school, and an interest in using incentives to stimulate performance. The step increase was calculated at 3.25%. There were concerns about using incentives, as quantifiable goals are difficult to develop for teachers. Using parent satisfaction ratings and SAT-9 scores may not be a fair way to assess performance. It was suggested that the bonuses be rolled into base pay and possibly other step increases be evaluated. The Board was not prepared to take action on this item and it will be brought back to the next meeting.

Item 9a. Discussion And Possible Action On Board Committees.

Discussion: Preliminary formation of Board Committees was discussed and the following committees and interested Board members were developed.

Facilities: David Tarr and David Sossaman

Curriculum Development: Doris Engberg, Colleen Burman, and Byron Halling

Promotions/Publicity (Includes Enrollment): Meg McElroy and Colleen Burman

Budget: Meg McElroy and Doris Engberg

Committees for Fund Raising and School Activities can be formed through parent and student organizations.

The Board would like to fill out these committees with interested public members; therefore this item will be brought back to the next meeting.

10. Items For Subsequent Meetings

a. Facilities

b. Salary Schedule for Teachers

c. Committees

11. Date and Time of Next Regular Meeting Thursday March 7, 2002, at 7 p.m.

12. Adjourn 10:00 p.m.


Minutes Approved By The Board

March 7, 2002



Colleen Burman, Secretary


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