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Spanish II Assignments

Assignment Due Date Assignment Details
NOVEMBER 1st Vocabulary Quiz - Chapter 9. Identification Quiz of all vocabulary presented in Chapter 9.
NOVEMBER 3rd Vocabulary Quiz - Chapter 9. Spelling Quiz of all vocabulary presented in Chapter 9
NOVEMBER 3rd Flashcards - Flashcards made on a hard sheet of paper (ie. Index card). The front must have the provided picture on the front with the word written in Spanish, and on the back the word written in English.
NOVEMBER 10th Cumulative Quiz - Indirect Object Pronouns, The verb dormir and hay …que, Adjective Nominalization.
NOVEMBER 17th TEST - Chapter 9. Comprehensive test of Chapter 9. Includes all vocabulary and grammar.
NOVEMBER 19th Chapter 9 Project - Oral Presentation and project on Chapter 9. More details to follow.

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