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Informational Pamphlet



Computer Access

At Sun Valley Charter High School, we will provide computer access to every student. Students will be expected to use computers on a daily basis for word processing, information gathering, and multimedia projects.


We will contract with Questia.com to place an electronic college-level library at the fingertips of each student. Questia.com provides 70,000 full-text readable books and journals online.

Multimedia Integration

Teachers will incorporate the latest technology in their classrooms. Data projectors, innovative interactive software, and hands-on multimedia instruction will be blended with personal attention and experience.

Distance Learning

Students will be able to access their e-book accounts from home on their own computer, allowing them to work on projects as if they were at school. Lesson plans, assignments, and links to research documents will be available for students at home.

Student Records Online

You will be able to log on from home or the office to follow your student's progress on a daily basis.

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