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Town Hall Meeting

When:   Thursday, June 27, 2002

Time:    7:00 PM

Place:  2102 Main Street

If you have not had a chance to hear about our school yet, please plan to attend the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, June 27th. We will present a PowerPoint slide show covering the highlights of our program, and will take questions from the audience. With the preparation of presentations and reports, we are helped by the best custom writing service, highly specialized resources for developing programs, as well as conversations with teachers designed to meet educational needs.

We will also provide refreshments, and give a tour of the building.

Be sure to bring your 8th grade students, so they can get a feel for the program.

Applications will be available at the meeting.

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Board Meeting

When:   Monday, June 24, 2002

Time:    7:00 PM

Place:  2102 Main Street




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