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        We would appreciate your help in getting our school off the ground. The more work we can do with volunteer labor, the more money we will have to spend on the students. Please click on the links below to see what are needs are in these areas:

Board Committees

Classroom Volunteers


Specialized Services

General Help








Board Committees

        The Board has established six committees to help move the work along. The committees will consist of 5 members: 2 Board members, the executive director, and 2 parents. If you would like to volunteer for one of the committees, please  fill out the volunteer information form below. Indicate your first and second choices for committee assignment.


1)                 Develop academic plans for a four-year course of study consistent with the charter

2)                 Develop general course descriptions to accompany the academic plans

3)                 Review California State Standards for the ninth grade and integrate the subjects wherever possible

4)                 Develop course objectives to accompany the integrated standards

5)                 Select materials to compliment the course objectives

6)                 Develop specific course outlines for use in the classroom


1)                 Work with Sandro Lanni

2)                 Review the draft budget

3)                 Help identify actual numbers and develop more detailed categories

4)                 Integrate actual numbers as they are developed

5)                 Bring a revised draft budget to the Board in April

6)                 Help prepare the final draft budget for consideration in June


1)                 Help develop and distribute promotional materials

2)                 Make contacts for speaking engagements


1)                 Identify costs for tenant improvements

2)                 Line up volunteers to assist with remodeling of building

3)                 Work with Fire Marshall to prepare building for inspection

4)                 Line up donations of furniture and misc. items for building

5)                 Seek a permanent location for the school

Policy Development

1)                 Identify and prioritize necessary policies

2)                 Review policies from other schools

3)                 Develop policies that will suit SVCHS


1)            Participate in candidate interviews

2)            Make hiring recommendations to the Board


Classroom Volunteers

        There will be many opportunities for parents and others to volunteer in the classrooms at our school. We welcome parents and hope they can volunteer on a regular basis. 

        Those with knowledge and skills related to topics we are covering are invited to come in and share that knowledge. We will schedule guest speakers as it fits in with our curriculum.

        Please note that all volunteers who will be working with students on a regular basis, during the school year, will need to be fingerprinted prior to volunteering at the school. Occasional guest speakers will not need to be fingerprinted, but must be accompanied by staff, at all times, while on the premises.

        If you would like to be a classroom volunteer, or a guest speaker, please fill out the volunteer information form below.



        In June, we will start remodeling the the building and grounds. We will need both skilled and unskilled labor. We will need assistance in the following areas:

General labor (demolition as well as construction)




Acoustic ceiling installation

Glass installation




        If you are a contractor or tradesman in any of these fields and would like to donate your services, or if you would like to help with general labor, please fill out the volunteer information form below.


Specialized Services

        We are in need of the following specialized services:

Computer network installation

Security system installation

        If you have experience in these areas and would like to volunteer your services, please fill out the volunteer information form below.


General Help

       We have a need for general assistance. As we move forward, we will have the need for people to make copies, stuff envelopes, staff informational booths, etc. If you would like to volunteer for general help, please fill out the volunteer information form below.


Volunteer Information Form


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Please send us the following information:

Your Name

      Please describe the nature of your interest in our school below:




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